Historical Heritage

Poreč’s richness is measured by its historical heritage, deeply rooted in this area for thousands of years.  The priceless city centre, located on a small peninsula submerged in the sea.  Its foundations were put in place during the time of the rule of the Roman Empire.  From then until now the symmetrical geometric layout of the streets has been preserved, the along the length of Decumanus and transverse Cardo Street.

The priceless Euphrasian Basilica, was built in the 6th century and its value has been recognised by UNESCO, the protector of the world’s heritage who in 1997 took this location under its wing.  Within the sometime Poreč city walls, near the oldest square, Marafor, the fragments of ancient temples are thoughtfully cared for.

The rich treasury of old-city monuments belongs to the Romanic House dating from the 13th century, the House of Two Saints dating from the 15th century and the baroque interior of the Istrian Parliament.  As it grew outside the city walls, medieval churches sprung up in the city and the church Lady of Angels, built in the 18th century, rises on Trg Slobode (Freedom Square).


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  • Pentagonal Tower

    Pentagonal Tower

    Located at the beginning of the central street, Decumanus, at the entrance of the heart of the old city. It was erected in the mid 15th century in...

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  • Istrian Council House

    Istrian Council House

    Originally a Gothic Franciscan Church from the 13th century. It stands between Park Juraj Dobrila and Laginja's shore. The interior of the building...

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  • Square Marafor

    Square Marafor

    In the 1st century it pride itself with the biggest Roman sanctuary in Istria. Mart's temple or the Big temple was one of the biggest on the...

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  • Canonica


    A monumental building of the canonic was completed in 1251. Some say that it is one of the best examples of Roman...

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  • Bullwarks mediaevals

    Bullwarks mediaevals

    Porec surrounded by walls will survive till the 18th century. The ones erected from the 12th to the 16th century mainly follow an...

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  • Norther Tower

    Norther Tower

    Alongside the Peškera bay, northeast of the heart of the old city. It was built in the 15 century. Today the edge is still partly preserved....

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  • Gotic House

    Gotic House

    In the main old town street, Decumanus, there's a house where you can see: two trifora. The Gothic Palace was built in 1473 in gotico...

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  • Round Tower

    Round Tower

    Stands near Narodni trg (Public Square), built in the second half of the 15th century. It is very well preserved and a visit to the terrace on top...

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  • Zuccato Palace

    Zuccato Palace

    Matija Gubac Square used to be called Piazza dei signori in Venetian times but only one row of the palaces have been preserved, among them a nice...

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